Thursday, October 28, 2010

Laserfiche suing SAP

This is kind of cool. Long Beach, CA-based document imaging ISV is taking on SAP over the use of its "Run Smarter" slogan. According to a complaint filed by Lasefriche, Laserfiche is the owner of the U.S. Trademark for "Run Smarter" and has been using it in its materials since 2004. According to Laserfiche, SAP has been recently using the phrase in ads "too numerous to list." Here's one example, we found online.

The complaint says that SAP knew the phrase as trademarked by Laserfiche, but used it anyway. It what seems somewhat of a stretch, Laserfiche contents that SAP is trying to deceive customers into believing its software is associated with Laserfiche's. I'm not saying Laserfiche doesn't have great software, but it seems to me that Laserfiche might benefit more by being associated with SAP than vice-versa. Laserfiche does express concern that non-working SAP implementations could damage its image, which does seem valid.

Laserfiche would like some money, as well as attorney and legal fees from SAP. They also want SAP to cease and desist and deliver up any materials using the trademarked phrase for destruction.
Sounds like fun.


Anonymous said...
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DIReditor said...

Sorry, had to delete last comment because it was a bit slanderous I thought. Bascially warned about Laserfiche getting into a legal battle they can't win based on SAP's ability to pay lawyers. Not sure that is the case. I've seen many smalle companies get big bucks out of larger ones for patent infringement. Don't know what the case wouldn't be the same for copyright issues.

records management said...

You are right RLreditor. It is very common to see such kind of things in small companies. I also worked in small company for 2 years and watched these things.