Friday, April 29, 2011

PBMS Partners With EMC Captiva

Pitney Bowes Management Services (PBMS) has signed a deal to utilize EMC's Captiva software for both its on-premise and hosted document capture solutions. PBMS is the $1.2 billion outsourcing arm of Pitney Bowes, Inc. It focuses on mailroom and document services for large, Global 1000 organizations.

Last year, we did an article (go to page 7) on PBMS's partnership with Omtool to increase its breadth of on-premise capture offerings. At the time, PBMS, which certainly does a lot of work around outgoing mail was focused on expanding its presence in records management and document processing. The partnership with EMC appears to be another move in that direction.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Imaging ISVs Report Strong Quarters

Kofax and Snowbound Software, two developers of document imaging-related software, have announced strong quarters for the first three months of 2011. Kofax, which specializes in document capture software, reported that revenue was in-line with projections of 14% growth for its fiscal 2011, which ends June 30. Snowbound, which markets imaging SDKs and viewers, reported record quarterly sales that were 10% higher that sales in Q1 2010.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kodak Introduces New SharePoint Tools

Kodak continues to innovate on the SharePoint front, introducing two new tools for integrating document imaging technology with Microsoft's ECM platform. Kodak has introduced a Document Viewer Software for previewing documents returned by SharePoint searches. It works with 300 document types, so it's not liminted to images. Kodak has also introduced a Scan and View component, which enables users to enhance scanned images, run meta data searches, and mark-up and annotate documents.

This is exactly the type of functionality users need to turn SharePoint into an true document image management application. The new tools are designed to be integrated with Kodak's Capture Pro Software. Kodak recently introduced the ability to to import SharePoint Server library columns (meta data fields) to be used for indexing fields when capturing documents. All good moves on Kodak's part to capitalize on the growing desire to implement imaging functionality within SharePoint environments.

From the press release: "KODAK Document Viewer Software and KODAK Scan and View Software will be available beginning in May of 2011. Availability will vary by geographic location. For more information about KODAK Document Viewer Software and KODAK Scan and View Software, go to"

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DocuLex Announces New Education Program

From the press release:  DocuLex, Inc.(, creator of award-winning, business-ready document management software, announced today the initiation of its Customer Experience Program, a program that will revolve around further education for DocuLex Dealers and Partners on the benefits of owning DocuLex software.  Aspects of the program will include increases in educational email, mail and other communications, regular webinars on newly released and forgotten features of the Archive Studio Software Suite, post-service surveys, prompt follow up to requests for upgrades and annual support (maintenance bundles), information on professional services available, as well as a venue for escalating outstanding issues.

"There was a gap in our existing processes that was becoming increasingly obvious – the need in the channel for more education on the benefits of the DocuLex Archive Studio Software Suite for document management."

Couldn't agree more that there is significant opportunity around education to take full advantage of document management software features - especially when you sell through the digital copier channel, like DocuWare primarily does. 

DocuWare Upgrades Web Client

DocuWare's new Web client is being advertised as now having most of the key featuures of its Windows client. An announcement about DocuWare 5.1c was made this week at DocuWorld, the German-based ISVs annual reseller conference being held in Orlando. DocuWare has a zero-footprint client that it introduced in 2008. Last year, co-president Juergen Biffar told us that the zero-footprint client was being deployed in about half the company's new sales. We can only assume that has increased since.

When we talked with Biffar, DocuWare had recently announced it had set aside one million Euros for Web-based development. "“To transfer the entire functionality and quality of our traditional client to a browser-based environment is a huge effort, and we want to accelerate that process,” Biffar told us at the time. “That’s where half our additional spending will go. The other half is related to SaaS. We will have new challengers in this area that we do not know from our traditional business. To overcome these challengers will require money.”

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brainware Lands $4.1 Million Deal

This is a mailroom application with a "U.S.-based energy provider." It involves auto-classifcation of more than 1,000 document types.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kofax Releases New Version of Express

Kofax has announced a new version of its SMB/departmental batch capture software. Kofax Express 2.5 includes automated data capture improvements, as well as certification with SharePoint 2010. On the data capture front, users can now do zonal OCR as well capture fields by rubber-banding text on images.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Former Perceptive A/P Expert Joins Brainware

Former Perceptive Software accounts payable solutions manager Chuck Kingston has joined Brainware. Kingston helped set up an OEM deal between Perceptive and Brainware to pair Perceptives image management and workflow technology with Brainware's automated capture. In a few discussions with him, I was really impressed at how much he knew about the A/P market. From what I remember, something like 40% of Perceptive's business came in that space.

With Brainware, Kingston will be a product manager. According to the press release, "he will be guiding Brainware’s product strategy and vision, leveraging extensive industry knowledge to deliver new product capabilities, capitalizing on opportunities for effective partnerships and product positioning, developing compelling product demonstrations and ensuring the company’s product development, sales strategies, professional services and technical support are aligned with customer needs." Sounds like a pretty big job.

Perceptive, of course, was acquired by Lexmark last summer and seems to have been investing considerably in growing the business. This is the first higher profile exit that I'm aware of since the acquisition.

Closing of Sale of Kofax Distributor Delayed

It doesn't seem like a big deal, but apparently the closing of the sale of Kofax's hardware distribution business has been delayed for a couple months. According to this article, the deal, which was announced in January and originally expected to close in March, will now close next month. According to an analyst quoted in the article, "Kofax has confirmed that the delay is due to a combination slightly longer timescales to create the required legal entities and to complete the necessary regulatory filings in order to complete the spin off and transfer of the business to the new owners, Hannover Finanz. The delays have been particular issues in the United Arab Emirates, South Africa and certain other countries."

The sale of the $130 million, slightly profitable business, will net Kofax some $20 million that it is expected to use for acquisition. Interestingly, when I talked with Tony Barbeau of Kodak Document Imaging, we compared Kodak's sale of its microfilm business to Kofax's sale of the hardware distribution business. Both businesses were actually the foundations of the entities that are now selling them. In the early days, profits from each were used to fund new businesses that have now overtaken the legacy operations.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Kodak Sells Micrographics Business

Yesterday, Kodak announced it had "completed the sale of certain assets of its microfilm products and equipment business to Eastman Park Micrographics, Inc." Eastman Park is a Dallas-based entity founded by former Kodak executive and long-time document imaging entrepreneur William "Sonny" Oates. Basically, Eastman Park will be taking over all sales and distribution of Kodak microfilm and micrographics equipment. However, the film will continue to be manufactured by Kodak in Rochester and carry the Kodak brand name.

I caught up with Tony Barbeau of Kodak Document Imaging who indicated the move was designed to enable Kodak to focus more completely on its digital business - which is the strategic direction of the company. Kodak's document scanner and imaging business grew out of the micrographics business in the late 1980s and 1990s. In early 2001, we reported that Kodak's digital document imaging and micrographics businesses combined were approaching $1 billion - with digital sales poised to overtake micrographics sales for the first time that year.

Barbeau indicated that the sale would affect about 10 Kodak employees. He said that while sales of many forms of traditional microfilm are shrinking, archive, preservation microfilm sales continue to grow.

More in our next premium issue.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Document Image Management Market Study

I'm not exactly sure who these guys are, or how they conducted their research, but I thought it was pretty cool that someone tried to size the document image management market. This comment in the press release announcing the report struck me as a bit odd:  "witnessing relatively slow growth rate of 12 percent in comparison to the overall document management systems market." Personally, I don't think 12% is that slow. I'm not exactly sure what they're comparing our market to, if that's slow.

Does anyone have additional info on the quality of this report?