Monday, March 31, 2008

Kofax Wins IBM ISV Award

Congratulations to Kofax for recently being named IBM's Enterprise Content Management “Independent Software Vendor of the Year” for 2007. Kofax and IBM have been long-time partners, a relationship that was strengthened when IBM acquired FileNet, which has an OEM deal with Kofax. In our upcoming issue of DIR, Kofax CEO Reynolds Bish discusses his plans to increase Kofax's business development efforts, which are designed to improve Kofax's relationships with large ISVs and systems integrators. With Captiva having been acquired by IBM storage rival EMC a few years back, it seems the Kofax-IBM relationship should only get stronger... As for the prospect of IBM acquiring Kofax, let's wait a few years. Kofax has plenty of dance partners, and even though this could potentially create a bidding war, because of the company's relatively low market cap, the current starting price would likely be too low for Kofax's shareholders liking.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

OB10, ReadSoft Partner

Interesting announcement yesterday about a partnership between e-invoicing specialist OB10 and forms processing leader ReadSoft. On the surface, you would think that OB10 would be the competition, as their charter is to reduce the number of paper invoices a vendor is dealing with. By all accounts, they handle this transition pretty well through the creation of what they call "vendor networks." Basically, they attempt to convert the print stream of any invoice output system into an e-invoice that can be integrated with the accounting systems of their vendor customers. Once you become part of their network, and they get used to working with your data streams, the challenge becomes easier.

According to Bob Fresneda, the president of ReadSoft North America, with whom OB10 has formed the partnership, there are still exception processing workflows that need to be executed for e-invoices, and this is where the ReadSoft partnership comes in. Over the past few years, ReadSoft has emerged as a leading vendor of not only automated data capture for invoices, but through a couple of acquisitions, workflow for invoices inside ERP systems from SAP and Oracle. With the OB10 relationship, ReadSoft is evolving further from its origins as a data capture vendor and moving more deeply into the BPM space. This gives brings the company into an additional, but related market, which is typically the most economical way to expand. Look for more BPM-related expansion from ReadSoft in the future.


Friday, March 07, 2008

AIIM 2008

Just returned from our industry's annual technology fest. Unfortunately, it seems the show has turned into more a conference that a true, old-time exhibition. By that I mean, that nobody, but nobody, expects to get a good stack of leads out the event anymore. However, the reviews for the event are by no means all bad. There are still a few good leads that do come out of the event. This makes sense, as we've mentioned with the conference growing consistently, there are more educated, advanced users attending the show, rather than just tire kickers.

However, it did appear that overall attendance numbers were down. The first day, floor traffic seemed healthy, but for whatever reason, momentum didn't carry over into Day 2 (Wednesday). Thursday, of course, you had the usual tumbleweed rolling through the aisles, with the vendors treating the day as a mixer. It's always been my view that they should roll out the cocktails early on Day 3 and really let things fly. It would be interesting to see what kind of partnerships came out of that!

Anyhow. we'll have plenty more on the show in our next couple issues of our newsletter.