Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dubes Named VP of Marketing at NovoDynamics

NovoDynamics, the Ann Arbor-based recognition software specialist has named industry veteran Tim Dubes as its new VP of marketing. Dubes was most recently at ReadSoft and before that served in executive sales and  marketing roles at Cardiff, Kofax, Captaris, and Scantron. NovoDynamics, which has roots as a research lab specializing in pattern recognition, markets two products to the document imaging. These are its Verus OCR, which is noted for its Arabic language capabilities, and its Coronado auto-classification software.

Monday, June 20, 2011

KOM Honoroed for Junk-A-Juke

Gotta love the name of KOM's current promotion to get people to upgrade to more current archival storage technology. Funny thing is that back in the day, KOM was heavily in the optical jukebox business. Can't remember if they sold the actual hardware, but I know they had software for managing those beasts. But, then again, you don't stay in business in the technology market for 42 years without being adaptable.

It seems KOM has been honored by Computerworld for "promoting positive social, economic and educational change." From the press release, "KOM Networks created the  Junk-A-Juke Upgrade Program to provide a very affordable vehicle to help customers overcome the upgrade costs for secure archive storage solutions without utilizing any capital expenditures while at the same time  responsibly recycle obsolete and antiquated storage (Optical, RAID, SAN  & NAS) including other electronic waste keeping it out of our landfills and donate the proceeds generated from the resale of usable components to Feed The Children US and Speroway (formerly FTC Canada) to help children in our own communities and around the world."

Okay, that's pretty cool. We get rid of "obsolete technology" - I guess that's what MO and UDO and have become -  and feed children. A win-win.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Study Says Consumers Place

Mitek, the document recognition specialist that has transitioned its focus to check capture - and now mobile check capture - over the past couple years, is touting the results of a recent independent study that cited mobile check capture as the most compelling mobile banking feature that would influence a consumer to switch primary banks.

From a press release: "Accorindg to the study, which was conducted by Mercatus LLC, a financial services strategy firm in Boston, in response to the question, 'What are the most important features of mobile banking that would cause you to switch primary banks,' 43 percent of consumers interested in mobile banking cited mobile check deposit, according to the study, which was completed in May and previewed last week at the Mobile Banking and Emerging Applications Summit in New Orleans. Paying bills and checking account balances via mobile devices ranked second, both with 28 percent."

Mitek's stock value has increased significantly with the rise in visibility of mobile check capture. Mitek's shares are now trading arounnd $6 per share, after trading for well below $1 less than a year ago. At last check, the San Diego-based ISV, which was on pace for less than $10 million in sales through the first six months of its fiscal 2011, had a market cap of $143 million.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Kofax Partners with Pegaystems

Irvine, CA-based document capture software leader Kofax has signed a "technology and marketing alliance" with Pegasystems, a leading BPM software provider. I view BPM as the next generation of automated workflow, a pillar on which the document imaging industry was founded. BPM brings non-document related processes into the automation picture, taking what we've known as workflow to the next level. Kofax's capture technology can be used to pull paper documents, as well as e-mails and other electronic documents, into BPM applications.

As I've said before, I think IDR (intelligent document recognition)-driven capture and BPM are the two hottest potential growth areas related to our space - as SharePoint squeezes the repository and search and retrieval players - so I applaud this alliance between two leaders in their respective spaces.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Ricoh Launches MDS Tour

At last week's Convergence conference for its dealer channel, Ricoh spent a good bit of time discussing its new initiatives in the area of managed document services. MDS is clearly an area of focus for the Japanese MFP manufacturer, and it recently announced a $300 million investment in its MDS architecture. We'll have more on this in next week's premium issue.

Today, Ricoh announced "a multi-city U.S. tour designed to show companies how to improve their bottom line through effective information and document management. The events will discuss the challenges companies face in meeting their cost reduction, productivity and sustainability goals as well as showcase Ricoh’s Managed Document Services (MDS) approach."

The tour starts next week, on Thursday, June 9, in Chicago, and has about a dozen stops scheduled through March of next year. For more info, go to

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Cranel Partner Event

Over here in Columbus for a couple days at value-added distributor Cranel's annual North American Executive Partner Event. I was invited to give one of the keynotes and discussed "How not to Choke on Your Alphabet Soup:  Your guide to successfully navigating emerging trends in the areas of MPS, IDR, and BPM," which I consider to be three of the most important acronyms facing our VAR community. I think about 80 VAR representatives in all will be attending the event. Talk seemed to be well received, even if no one in the room could come up with the answer to the question of what IDR stands for. That just gives you a little idea of the disconnect between the vendor and VAR communities.

I received some good feedback on my talk, especially from one gentleman who is the president of a copier dealer brokerage that is transitioning to "document solutions." He explained to me some of the difficulties that copier dealers have with the up front investments and long sales cycles associated with taking on a document management practice. He was lucky in picking up a salesperson with several established accounts that he brought over from his former employers, so he hit the ground running.

Chad Stigall, a product marketing manager for Cranel, spoke before me. His focus was SharePoint (which is also part of my focus as well). His comment about VARs needing a SharePoint strategy, even if they don't necessarily build SharePoint imaging solutions, struck me as especially poignant.