Monday, June 28, 2010

Global 360 Marketing Itself

With two BPM acquisitions still fresh in most people's memories Global 360 is pushing its growth in BPM revenue very hard. The Dallas-based ISV, which began life as a roll-up primarily of document imaging vendors, including Eastman Software, Kofile, Keyfile, ViewStar, and Identitech, recently reported a 49% growth in software in BPM software licenses for its first quarter, year-over-year. Recently announced AnyDoc partner Appian  announced 59% growth for its 2009 fiscal year. So the BPM market is hot.

 Also, at the end of 2009-beginning of 2010, two significant BPM acquisitions were announced -  IBM's buy of Lombardi and Progress Software buying Savvion. Speculation has been that Microsoft may acquire Global 360, which would likely be a happy day for Global 360's investors, based on the some of the multiple's floating around the BPM market. Global's recent partnership with KnolwedgeLake does nothing to dampen that speculation.

Bottom line is that BPM is a curious space to be in, with both ECM and capture vendors seeming to gravitate toward it. The longtime theory has always been, it's not capturing content and putting in a repository that is important - it's what you do with that captured and stored content - meaning it's how you automate the process that brings the ROI, and this is where BPM comes into play. FileNet realized this almost from the outset of its business and many other imaging vendors followed suit. I guess it's about time the content management and capture people made the same discovery.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Laserfiche-Microsoft Complete DoD 5015 Testing

Document Imaging/ECM ISV Laserfiche has teamed with Microsoft to put together a records management solution that was recently tested by the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JOTC). The JOTC is in charge of the  DoD 5015.2 standard that is applied to RM solutions. The certification is typically mandated when doing business with the federal government, as well as state and local governments. Private entities have also been known to consider it.

If you remember, earlier this year, it was revealed that SharePoint 2010, which contains vastly improved RM capabilities, did not have all the right functionality required to achieve DoD 5015.2 certification. As a result, Microsoft began looking for partners to go through JOTC testing with. Laserfiche, whose software has been 5015 certified since 2003, was the first Microsoft partner to complete testing, which was done this week. The certification announcement should be upcoming.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

PBMS to Resell Omtool

Thought this was an interesting announcement. Pitney Bowes Management Services (PBMS) is $1.2 billion entity that services large mailrooms.What they are going to do with a distributed capture product like Omtool's software, I'm not sure, but will try and find out.

Pitney Bowes, Inc. (PBI) also recently named a new a president of PBMS. Vicki O'Meara had formerly been an EVP  and the chief legal and compliance officer for PBI. O'Meara does have some operations experience from her 10 years at Ryder System, where she last served as president of the company's $2 billion U.S. Supply Chain Solutions division.

So, if you're following PBI has appointed a lawyer as president of PBMS and signed a deal with Omtool, which specializes in servicing the legal market. Sounds like some sort of strategic direction.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Paradigm Announces ISIS driver for Wide-Format Scanner

EMC's Pixel Translations continues to do a great job populating the market with ISIS drivers. Paradigm Imaging is the latest scanner vendor to announce a device with an ISIS driver. What makes Paradigm's Ci40 unique, at least according to the release, is the fact that is has an ISIS driver. Of course, I recalled that Colortrac made a similar announcement a few months back. So, I'm not sure if there are one or two large format scanners out there with ISIS drivers, but either way, it shows that Pixel has done a good job pushing its scanning technology into new markets and helping push forward the concept of enterprise capture.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

SharePoint 2011 Conference Set

The Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011 dates have been set. The event will held Oct. 3-6 in Anaheim. This is approximately two years after the very successful 2009 event, where SharePoint 2010 was previewed. 2010 is the version designed to be more scalable and manageable for document imaging applications.

Interestingly, in the promotional e-mail for the conference, Microsoft advertises SharePoint 2010 as "the business collaboration platform for the enterprise and Internet. "Learn how to apply the latest best practices for building and deploying solutions on the platform and find out how customers and partners are embracing cloud-based services to create value for their organizations."

So, for now, at least, it doesn't sound like anything new will be introduced. But, knowing Microsoft I would expect that to change.


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

InCab Scanning Suit

Over the past 10 years, the transportation industry has steadily increased its adoption of document scanning, and has been one of the leaders in the adoption of distributed capture. The latest trend seems to be the push for mobile scanning  - whether it be through dedicated sheetfed scanners attached to laptops or through utilizing the the cameras on SmartPhones. If you remember, we recently did a story on ACS Xerox, which is promoting applications in both these areas.

It was recentlly brought to our attention, however, the Wilmington, OH-based shipping specialist R&L Carriers believes it has a patent on capturing bills of lading with mobile scanners while in transit. The patent number is 6,401,078, and it was filed in 2000 and granted in 2002. It's entitled, "Bill of lading transmission and processing system for less than a load carriers"

Claims include:

"A method for transferring shipping documentation data for a package from a transporting vehicle to a remote processing center: placing a package on the transporting vehicle; using a portable document scanner to scan an image of the documentation data for the package, said image including shipping details of the package; providing a portable image processor capable of wirelessly transferring the image from the transporting vehicle; wirelessly sending the image to a remote processing center; receiving the image at said remote processing center; and prior to the package being removed from the transporting vehicle, utilizing said documentation data at said remote processing center to prepare a loading manifest which includes said package for further transport of the package on another transporting vehicle."

and "The method of claim 1, wherein the image sending step is accomplished from onboard the transporting vehicle."

Apparently, R&L has filed suit against multiple parties, including ACS, DriverTech, Pegasus Transtech, Qualcomm, Intermec, and PeopleNet. Sounds like a interesting case.