Thursday, February 23, 2006

TIS Posts Strong 4th Quarter

Dare we say that Top Image Systems looks like its in pretty good shape? The company recently posted a fairly strong fourth quarter, has $8 million in the bank, and appears to be headed in the right direction for both growth and profitability. I'd compared them to Captiva a few years back, but they are still a bit too small. OF course, Top Image has also struggled for years to establish a foothold in North America. But now that they have established themselves in Japan, and seem to have turned a corner, maybe NA is next - with acquistion or merger being the best route.

I wonder if EMC knows who they are?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ricoh Awards

This is pretty cool. A lot of these guys offer document capture solutions. I guess all it takes is 100-grand to get some serious traction on your embedded copier solution. I betcha' Canon wishes they would have done this with MEAP. Just kidding. We'll wait to see some of these products out on the market before we pass judgment.

Friday, February 17, 2006


It appears IBM is entering the MFP hardware business. Wonder who they are OEMing from? The eight-inch color touchscreen for scanned image previews sounds pretty cool.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Scientigo customer

It seems our friends at Scientigo have landed another customer. Scientigo is an IDR capture developer that we profiled a couple months ago. They are also the guys who claim to have patented XML. Their latest customer is Critical Technologies, on Oklahoma City-based software developer that formerly were the FilesOnTheNet ASP guys. Like Scientigo, they seem to be a fairly small organization with some solid technology.

Imaging In Healthcare

I love this, this HIS vendor has released an "enteprise-wide document management system" that's called "Department Imaging."

Also, here's a Dallas-based ECM vendor that has released a healthcare specific document and image management system.

It seems the HIMSS (Health Information Management Systems Society) conference is taking place in San Diego this week.

Check out the 7th paragraph in this article... The one that starts with Virtua Health. "More recently, Virtua selected Initiate to perform file analysis and eliminate fragmented and duplicate records as part of its move toward a document imaging system." I'd be interested to know exactly what that involves...


Open Source Systems

Here's an interesting post about a college kid who's pretty proud of his $125 document imaging system. No, it's not going to stand up to enterprise stress, but it's a neat starting point, and I think a peek into the future.

Also, it appears Alfresco, the Open Source DM specialist founded by former Documentum execs, has secured some more funding. I don't know, but the $8 million figure seems like a low amount for such an ambitious venture, but maybe we're harkening back to the dot-com days when VCs had money in wheelbarrows. Then again, Alfresco (from when we talked with them) seemed to have a pretty efficient business model, so maybe they don't need that much.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Can Reynolds be far behind?

Not that Mr. Bish is going to end up at AuthentiDate, but I guess you never know, they do have some pretty good technology... Anyways, I was a bit surprised to see that one of Captiva's top salesmen had taken a job with docSTAR. docSTAR is an SMB targeted application - so at least it's in a high growth area of the market, but it's clearly a much less established business than Captiva was.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Recent news

Here's an interesting story announcing John Harland acquiring an ECM software vendor. Harland is an $800 million entity that has a financial services software business, Harland Financial Solutions (HFS), that acquired Mitek Systems' check and imaging business a couple years back. Harland corporate also owns Scantron. I wonder of the Mitek stuff wasn't working out.

Also, here's a deal between a couple companies we saw at Visioneer's recent partner event.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Kodak Breakaway

At the Kodak Breakaway 2006 show. Their resellers extravaganza for Document Imaging. Had a lot of great converstations here. It's really a well attended event. I think there were like 500 people. Last night was the ISV show and there was plenty of new blood exhibiting. We saw Cabinet NG there, advertisting its imaging for QuickBooks. Also saw FileBound, maybe somebody called Scanning America. There were also a lot of old school resellers in the house.

Sat on a media panel the past couple days with Harvey Spencer, Ken Congdon, Brian Sherman, Ron Galz of IDC, Mike from InfoTrends, and even Doug Henschen was in the house for the first day. (I apologize for any misspelled names.)

Big concern of the VARs in the audience was digital copier dealers and how to compete with them. My basic view is that a decent scanning soluiton on a digital copier can be expensive and that resellers can definitely compete on price with workgroup scanners and know-how about the imaging industry.

The other big point I was trying to make, and I don't know if I had the full support of the rest of the panel on this, was that VARs need to focus vertically if they want to thrive in the next 10 years. Imaging as a horizontal solution is becoming a commodity. And new protocols in areas like SOA, XML, and Web services are going to make it easier to "image-enable" vertcle packages. This is where the margins are going to be.

Recently spoke with a VAR CSI, down here in FL, that has sold a tremendous redaction solution to some county courts that automates a process associated with a new regulation. These guys seem way ahead of the game on this and their sales number are up like three times thanks to it. They were already working with the courts on some extraction stuff, and because they were focused were able to come up with this redcaction thing. So, now they have a repeatable solution (even filed for some patents) that they can sell around the country. It's driving revenue and I'm assuming it's driving profits.


DRS Acquires Peladon

Peladon Software, out of San Diego, has got a pretty nice buyout from U.K.-based DRS. Peladon is the intelligent forms processing sofware developer that was founded by some former Mitek employees, as well as a U.K.-based Mitek partner. Peladon has created a fairly effective IDR application working with a variety of recognition engines. Peladon has a "high-confidence character inspection" module that we featured in a post-AIIM issue.

Peladon seemed to have a decent install base in the U.K. and had one big U.S. customer in SunGard. They sold the company for what looks like $4-5 million to English service bureau and forms processing sysems specialist DRS. DRS, to me, seems like an English version of Scantron.

DRS paid a good healthy price(about 2 1/2 times revenue). I also think Peladon has some good software. This is more evidence of the health of the capture space and the valuation that some of the advanced technologies have. RG