Monday, October 18, 2010

Mitek Launches Mobile Phone Bill Pay App

This is kind of cool.

You certainly remember Mitek, the recognition technology specialist that a few years ago dedicated its business to developing smart-phone-centric capture applications. Mitek's revenue certainly hasn't soared, but it's stock value has more than tripled since April, as the market for capturing and depositing checks with mobile phones continues to grow, or at least become more visible.

According to a recent article in American Banker on the San Diego-based ISV, "Mitek is upping the tech firm’s foothold in the burgeoning mobile RDC space by entering a number of OEM agreements, such as the one it recently inked with Fiserv....Mitek also recently signed OEM agreements with NCR, RDM, WAUSAU Financial Systems, DirectFED, and others that Mitek would not disclose. Additionally, the firm has signed deals with Clairmail, mFoundry and Monitise Americas. And a Mitek spokesperson says Bancorp Bank and Conestoga bank have announce deployments, with more bank signings expected to be announced in the near future.

The new bill pay product would apparently be marketed to similar types of organizations. Users would take a picture of their bills and then OCR/ICR would be performed to presumably populate a smart phone app, with the user keying in any data that could not be recognized. This informamtion would then be submitted to the bank to pay a bill. Very cool hybrid of electronic and traditional paper billing paying/banking and the perfect spot for imaging technology as a bridge to electronic transactions from the paper world.



activer said...
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activer said...

A good example for useful mobile application. It is smart, little, easy to use and it saves time for the user.

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Edward Carroll said...

That would be convenient as long as the transaction is kept secure. That would always be the fear of the people when something revolutionary like this comes along. Especially with a Bill Pay App right? The worry is always whether the system can be compromised and payments don't get to the merchants or illegitimate payments get credited. I just got my iphone 4 unlocked and I am reminded of how people can easily circumvent security measures created by manufacturers and developers. Just my 2 cents worth.

DIReditor said...


Interesting thought. I have heard much pushback in this regard yet. Really, I guess security concerns would apply to any sort of mobile-phone banking transcations, not just check deposits.

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