Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Imaging Recommendations for Medical Records

Cintas put together this interesting list of steps for medical offices/hospitials needing to do imaging as part of their transition to EMR. Of course, the advice plays right into the services that Cintas offers, but I think it's fairly sound, and when I talked with them last, Cintas was doing a fairly brisk business in this market. Several other service bureaus seem to be doing okay as well.

Cintas, of course, is best known as "the uniform company," but they got into document shredding a 10 years back and then, to complement that bought some paper records storage organizations. Finally, a couple years ago, Cintas a couple imaging service bureaus and has rolled out the services nationwide. At last check, it's entire document managment business was doing about $60 million per quarter.

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records management said...

Great to know about the medical records recommendations. Have you heard about the EDRM. EDRM (Enterprise Document & record Management ) is good one for managing and keeping the record. Have you ever used it ??