Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kofax Hires Former Captiva Exec Vickers

You can't say Reynolds Bish isn't loyal to his former lieutenants. Jim Vickers is the latest former Captiva VP that has been hired by Kofax. Based on his title, we're assuming he's in charge of VRS sales, but plan to tallk with Kofax to get confirmation of that. Interestingly, Kofax's stock value has risen by more than a third since late last month.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

AJAX platform for mobile devices

Interesting story broke recently about the AJAX-like platform that Microsoft is introducing for mobile computers, like Blackberries and other types of phone-enabled devices. This, of course, is the hottest segment of the computing market and one that document imaging vendors have been trying to figure out their place in. AJAX, because of the fast and convenitent image viewing capabilties it offers, has become a hot platform for browser-based document image viewing. Kojax would seem to bring these two worlds together and offer some interesting opportunities for Document Imaging ISVs.

Any thoughts?