Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Konica Minolta to resell Kodak scanners

In another sign of the convergence of the MFP and document capture spaces, Konica Minolta has been announced it will be reselling Kodak scanners and Kodak Capture Pro Software. Konica Minolta and Kodak have a long history together based on microfilm sales, but the move into document scanners appears to take the relationship in somewhat of a new direction - as microfilm is a dying market, and capture -especially when being sold as part of the new managed print services (MPS) wave being currently pushed by MFP vendors, is clearly a growth arena.

For Kodak, the move represents another step in its efforts to broaden its scanner reseller channels. First you had the KAIR (Kodak Authorized Imaging Reseller) channel, who focused on mid- and high-volume scanners, then they added KDSR (Kodak Desktop Scanner Reseller), focused on distribtuted scannners - and now those two channels have been combined. You also have a lot of volume going through what Kodak calls Direct Market Resellers, which includes organizations like Dell and CDW.

Russell Hunt, Kodak's Regional Business Manager for U.S. and Canada, recently told DIR that Kodak has had to go outside its traditional reseller channel to drive significant growth. "Unless we land extraordinarily large wins, we're not seeing big growth out of our KAIR channel," he said during a recent analyst meeting in Rochester. "That's why we're reaching out more to new channels and partners like MFP vendors."


Document Capture said...

It will be interesting to see how the pans out. The MFP world is interesting, and the down the street reps are always hesitant to sell anything other than the "box". The problem with scanners is that they have become a commodity, you can get them, in most cases, cheaper from an internet dealer than your local VAR or MFP dealer. Having worked for an MFP dealer for 6 years, I found most reps would pass customers to online vendors to avoid the hassle.

DIReditor said...

That's a good point, but maybe as part of the emerging trend of MFP vendors pushing managed print service contracts, scanners will be included.