Thursday, January 10, 2013

Zagami Contracts with Beyond Recognition

Back in September, we did a story on an innovative classification and full-text indexing operation out of Tennessee called BeyondRecognition. Basically, its claim to fame was having successfully indexed 2.3 billion images that were given to it in boxes full of CDs and DVDs with little-to-no indexing information attached to them. BR used some glyph scraping and matching and threw some other semantic type understanding into the mix and successfully completed the project.

BR has productized its technology and is marketing it to the legal space, for help with discovery, as well as anyone else that requires classification and grouping of large volumes of documents. BR also can incorporate innovative data extraction techniques.

BeyondRecognition recently announced that is has signed on former AIIM and TAWPI Chair Bob Zagami as a member of its Advisory Board. Zagami is a veteran of the document conversion services market, most recently serving as an executive with DataBank IMX. For BeyondRecognition, Zagami will act as an authorized sales agent for BR with the intent to focus on large-scale document management processes for Fortune 500 companies. Read the complete press release.


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