Thursday, January 10, 2013

NSi Acquires Print Management ISV

Document Capture ISV Notable Solutions, Inc. has expanded its business with the acquisition of the Enterprise Output Management (EOM) business and operations of Barr Systems. Based in Gainesville, FL, Barr develops software for managing printing from mainframe, ERP, and other data-driven applications. It's software can also be used to direct and control print jobs at both high-volume production and general office printers.

To date, NSi has made its living primarily selling capture software for MFPs. It has reported impressive growth over the past few years and in 2011 landed a multi-million with the U.S. Department of Defense. NSi's main competitor in the MFP capture space is Nuance, with its eCopy software. In 2011, Nuance acquired print management ISV Equitrac and has reported several large wins as a result of the synergy between the two product lines. NSi will position Barr's EOM software in the same way the Nuance positions Equitrac.

In addition to managing print to paper jobs, Barr's software can be used to output reports into the same workflows and back-end systems that NSi's AutoStore capture can. Barr's software can also be used to track print jobs and provide secure printing.

More on NSi's exciting acquisition in the next issue of our newsletter. Here's the complete press release.


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