Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wireless Scanners on the Way

Xerox recently announced its first wireless MFP. This reminded me of a couple conversations I had recently regarding the potential of wirelss document scanners being introduced onto the market. My vision would be a wireless scanner or MFP that could scan an image to your smartphone or tablet, where you could preview it and then upload it to your ECM system.


Anonymous said...

This is already here today. I would suggest that the image itself does not need to physically be sent to the smartphone or tablet. Bandwidth is still a concern and you would want to limit the amount of network traffic needed to complete a transaction.

If the scanning device can store the image temporarily in secure memory then any web-browser enabled mobile device could view a thumbnail of the image directly from the embedded server on the device (basically it acts as a web server). The potential to do automatic data extraction also exists in this scenario. Imagine if users can easily initiate a scan, automatically extract tags from the image, and then validate fields and release. This would really help drive adoption of information capture due to the simplicity of this sort of system.

DIReditor said...

I like it, but you say it's "already here." Can you specify?