Monday, March 24, 2014

Who is TIS' latest Census Win?

Top Image Systems (TIS) has been a leader in the census capture market for a long time. Recently it was recognized "as an approved vendor for the UNPFA (United Nations Population Fund Agency), the organization responsible for the execution of censuses worldwide." TIS has followed that up with the announcement of a census win that will bring it more than $1M in revenue. This includes implementing a capture and document management system.

The project is for a country in EMEA with a population of more than 15 million. So, who could this be? According to the Web site NationsOnline, there are five EMEA countries that fall between the population figure of 15-20 million (there are five more between 20 and 22 million). Those five countries are:

(We'll guess the Netherlands, but that is just a guess:)

Cameroon Central Africa 19,406,000

Romania Eastern Europe 19,043,000

Netherlands Western Europe 16,733,000

Niger Western Africa 16,275,000

Burkina Faso Western Africa 15,731,000                                                      


Anonymous said...

Hi DirEditor,
I have a clarifying question for you. What is the nature of data you collect, ditize, and manage for UNDP-sponsored censuses? What is the source format, and storage.

Dieudonne Mayi
AIIM member

Chris said...

It turns out it's Romania.

press release

DIReditor said...


Thanks for the follow-up.

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