Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kofax, QAI, SPAs - Did They Help Fix

This summer Kofax announced a $7M deal with a government agency that was among the biggest in company's history. It included more than $4M in software license revenue and $3.5M for four years of prepaid software maintenance. The deal was to a government agency and was sold through federally-focused Fulton, MD-based systems integrator and conversion services provider Quality Associates, Inc. (QAI).

At Kofax's recent Transform Conference, QAI was recognized by Kofax with its Award for Partner Deal of the Year. A few more details surrounding the customer came out. "The overall contract will help a government healthcare agency manage efforts related to enrolling uninsured citizens in state insurance exchanges, as mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – millions of paper and electronic applications and other documentation are received, reviewed and verified for completeness and eligibility, and processed in an environment that protects applicants’ personal information."

QAI is presenting this as a First Mile implementation leveraging Kofax's Smart Process Application technology. Of course, this is exactly what I was calling for as I was going through my personal experience trying to sign up for a new healthcare plan at US Government Web site. At least it appears we are all on the same page now, which may have something to do with the sharp decrease in complaints we've heard recently about the onboarding process.


Anonymous said...

Ralph, you are too far ahead of the curve. Your personal experience, and pain dealing with the process, as well as offering a solution is now coming to fruition.

jd sahu said...

nice one,OMR answer sheet format

Dan Lucarini said...

Ralph, glad to report they're using ibml ImageTracs and SoftTrac capture software to process the paper applications.

DIReditor said...

Dan thanks for the insight. Are there any details available on this implementation? I think is would make an interesting story if they are sharing.

lora said...

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