Tuesday, October 23, 2012

PPO Using Perceptive Cloud Apps

PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) Preferred Health Professionals (PHP), based in the Kansas City-Topeka (Kansas-Missouri border area) has selected Perceptive's hosted ECM platform. This includes utilizing Perceptive Intelligent Capture (powered by Brainware) for the classification and processing of medical claims.

This is cool for two reasons:
1. We haven't seen a lot of adoption of hosted data capture systems. Brainware announced a version of its software hosted on Azure more than a year ago, but we haven't heard of many (if any) wins to date.
2. The Brainware software (which was recently re-branded as Perceptive Capture) has primarily been used for invoice capture historically. Part of the charter following Brainware's acquisition by Lexmark earlier this year, and it's integration into the Perceptive Software business, was to expand the uses of its automated data capture technology. Getting into medical claims forms is an example of this expansion.

For those not familiar with the U.S. healthcare model, a PPO is basically an insurance plan that has agreements with a network of physicians. PHP is based near Perceptive's headquarters, so it's somewhat of a local deal, but still, it's a good place for Perceptive to start with its hosted capture and ECM solution.

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