Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kodak Global Directions 2012

Out here in Las Vegas (JW Marriott up in the hills a bit) for Kodak's first Global Directions conference. About 200 people here, which Kodak described as 60% SIs, and 30% end users. Rest our technology partners and analysts. Certainly smaller than Kodak Breakaway events in the past, but also not necessarily trying to be Breakaway.

To get a taste of what's going on out here, check out Twitter #kgd2012.

Tony Barbeau, GM of Kodak Document Imaging has described the event more of as an industry than a vendor event, of which Kodak is a sponsor. And Kodak has mostly delivered on this promise. There is not a lot of Kodak vendor content in many of the presentations. I'm sitting in Kodak DM Director of Technologies Roland Simonis' presentation on IDR right now, and he certainly has not mentioned a Kodak product 45 minutes into his talk.

Kodak did introduce an IDR product at the conference, InfoInsight, powered by German ISV ITyX. But, Simonis is clearly presenting an educational, not an advertorial track. Lot of good, diverse presenters here, including Shad White of CloudPower, Brian Dirking of Box, and Rai Wasner of Kollabria, who helped put the agenda together.

Interesting this is that scanning hardware, Kodak DI's bread-and-butter for many years, are really not playing a prominent role. This was a deliberate move to Kodak to really spotlighting their software. I'll get into reasons for this in my next premium issue, but it certainly seems like a good idea, as expanding into software and solutions are clearly the future for Kodak DI.


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