Thursday, July 19, 2012

Psigen Completes Strong Fiscal 2012

Psigen has announced that it achieved 70% growth for its latest fiscal year, ending June 30. According to a press release, "Growth has come from a strong expanding domestic market, and significant growth in Europe and the Asia Pacific Region." Psigen is an Irvine, CA-based ISV that offers a versatile document capture software application.

On the additional strength of some OEM deals, Psigen had reported 90% growth for the six months ended Dec. 2011. Bruce Hensley, president of Psigen, said the new year was off to a good start with a strong July. He cited sales to large companies, including competitive replacements, as helping to drive Psigen's growth.

“In this past year, we brought on a large number of Fortune 500 clients who were looking to enhance their current capture application set and lower their total cost of ownership," said Hensley in a press release.


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