Monday, April 04, 2011

Document Image Management Market Study

I'm not exactly sure who these guys are, or how they conducted their research, but I thought it was pretty cool that someone tried to size the document image management market. This comment in the press release announcing the report struck me as a bit odd:  "witnessing relatively slow growth rate of 12 percent in comparison to the overall document management systems market." Personally, I don't think 12% is that slow. I'm not exactly sure what they're comparing our market to, if that's slow.

Does anyone have additional info on the quality of this report?


Jackie said...

I got an unsolicited e-mail this morning from another company not named in your link trying to sell me the same research report from this site:

I'm not buying it.

DIReditor said...

The question is, who is TechNavio. I'll have to call the guy listed in the first link.