Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Lexmark-Perceptive Develop MFP Integration

Lexmark and Perceptive Software have announced that Perceptive's imaging and workflow software has been integrated with Lexmark's embedded Solutions Framework (eSF).  This makes sense, of course, as Lexmark, a multi-billion dollar vendor of printers and MFPs, acquired Perceptive in May. At the time, there was really no partnership between the two companies or integration between their products.

Lexmark's announced strategy has been to pretty much let Perceptive continue to run its exiting business, while trying to expand it by taking advantage of some of Lexmark's channels. This new integration, which enables Lexmark users to access Perceptive applications through their MFP touchscreens, would certainly be a nod toward the growth element of that strategy.

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Paul Fowkes said...

It will be interesting to see how this acquisition pans out for both Lexmark and Perceptive. I wonder how many other hardware vendors are closely following this strategy and/or whether we will see similar acquisitions in the near future? It certainly makes sense and I would predict that it wont be too long before we another hardware vendor following a similar strategy.