Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Docuement Security Issues

The recently publicity WikiLeaks has been generating should be bringing the issue of document secuirty to the forefront. Here's an editorial I authored for my last premium issue, wondering about the security around the recently released "cables." Basically, it's a call for more market education around the capabilties of document managment software.

Coincidentally, Toshiba America Business Solutions, one of the companies featured in the editorial because of their focus on document security, is putting on a Webinar this week on that topic. "You'll hear from Bill Blake, noted Document Security Specialist and President and COO of edocument Sciences, LLC, a  key Toshiba business partner. Bill will share strategies to effectively control and protect your organization’s critical information and avoid a WikiLeaks-type disaster in your company."


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Bill shared his effective strategies in a very convincing way! we need to control and protect our critical information, without taking the proper steps we put our organization in a terrible risk..