Monday, November 08, 2010

Open Text Licenses Oracle Archiving SDS

Not exactly sure what this means, but according to the press release, "Open Text is obtaining a technology and distribution license specifically for the Oracle Universal Online Archive Content Management SDK. As part of this agreement, Open Text can embed Oracle technology in its products, allowing the company to fully utilize the capabilities of Oracle Database 11g as an enterprise content repository. This will also permit rapid uptake of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g and other Oracle platform capabilities."

Here's the way I understand it, and this may be wrong: Open Text has always been a Microsoft shop, running on SQL databases, but now wants to work with Oracle databases as well. Of course, Documentum has been a long-time user of Oracle databases, and after the Stellent acquisition, Oracle has its own ECM technology to run on its database.  But, as far as Oracle is concerned, the more ECM systems that leverage its database, the better. And Open Text does have a large install base--including a lot of SAP customers and a deep SAP partnership, which really makes the expanded Oracle-Open Text partnership interesting, because, of course, SAP and Oracle are at each other's throats in the ERP market. And, we all assumed SAP was going to buy Open Text. So, maybe that's not the case anymore?


Anonymous said...

I, too, found this announcement to be hazy. Usually OTEX is pretty clear and boastful in their press releases.

I believe the Livelink stack always supported Oracle (not so with Hummingbird). If I read between the lines correctly, it sounds like OTEX customers can use the Oracle DB to store content, but who wants to do that? Also, that SDK they licensed from Oracle - try to find something about it on the net!

DIReditor said...

Here's some of the quote I got from Open Text's Rich Buchheim explaining the partnernship:

"The technology we are now licensing from Oracle permits the database to serve as a complete repository--storing metadata, content, indexes--everything. As a result, a wide range of Oracle Database technologies for performance, scalability, security, and business continuity 'just work' with the repository. This licensed technology from Oracle also runs on Oracle Fusion Middleware which permits further leveraging of standard Oracle platform capabilities.

"...the new Oracle capabilities will provide similar functionality to the archiving/compliance capabilities of Enterprise Library Services in the Open Text ECM Suite, but specifically designed to leverage the Oracle technology stack and fit within the Oracle ecosystem."