Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mitek Signs Deal with NCR

A little over a year ago, we ran an article discussing Mitek's release of technology for capturing and processing check images through mobile phones. Well, today Mitek announced a deal with NCR, which will offer Mitek's ImageNet Mobile Deposit to complement its APTRA Commercial Passport-- remote deposit capture software that allows deposits using check scanners from their businesses directly to the financial institution or via online banking web site.

This definitely seems like a step in the right direction, which might be a bit ahead of its time with this type of software- but as a toolkit vendor, also needs to anticipate the needs of its customers. NCR's offering both scanner and phone-capture based solution is indicative of where the market for mobile capture currently stands. It's a great idea, and probably will pick up momentum as phone cameras and processors continue to improve, but for now, the superior image quality of a scanner still offers many advantegous - if not the convenience and ubiquity of mobile phones.

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