Friday, November 10, 2006


Did I miss something here?

This is from a recent eWeek article on the Oralce/Stellent deal: "Oracle, on this front, is playing a bit of a catch-up game. SAP has had an ECM suite for some time." What suite is that?

Sue Clarke, a senior analyst with the Butler Group, of Butler Direct, based in Hull, England, seems to validate the existance of an SAP ECM suite: "For years SAP has benefited from the lack of ECM functionality from Oracle as it has its own capabilities," Clarke says in the article.

However, she goes on to say she believes the Stellent buy is just one more merger amongst others on the horizon—and that SAP needs to act accordingly to keep up. "In view of the fact that it is unlikely that any of the independent pure-play ECM vendors will survive intact much further into the future … if SAP wishes to regain the initiative over Oracle it needs to become a major ECM player, which can only be achieved through acquisition."

Oh. Does that mean Open Text or may Seperion?



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Anonymous said...

SAP is pretty late to the game. The masters of thick client software complexity, it will be a very difficult move on the part of SAP. They will need to re evaluate their channel program and recruit new partners that are very different from the kinds they have been working with in the past.

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Ram Veeraraghavan said...

SAP to Resell Open Text ECM Under SAP Branding