Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Office 2007 set for manufacturing

It seems the much anticipated Office 2007 suite is one step closer to becoming a reality. From our perspective, the fun thing about Office 2007 is that, when coupled with SharePoint, for the first time, you can achieve some real document management functionality right out of the box with Microsoft products. Of course, it won't get you very far, but it's enough to get users started and introduced to the concept of ECM, which is where Microsoft's partners can take over.


Anonymous said...

this will create service opportunities for the MS channel. but then how will it stack up in the manufacturing space where SAP rules? online document imaging management is taking off, so the concept of thick, licensed software is fast eroding, coupled with open source.

Alani Kuye
Phantom Data Systems Inc.
Online Document imaging Solutions
Data Storage and Recovery
Norwalk CT.

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