Thursday, January 26, 2006

Capture news

Interwoven has signed on as a reseller for Kofax. They previously had a strong relationship, but this would seem to make it stronger. No, I don't think this is just a step before Interwoven buys Kofax.

Datacap partner Applied Docs formally introduces a solution aimed at reducing the time it takes for trucks to clear customs at the U.S.-Canadian border. DIR featured this story a couple months back.


Anonymous said...

Curious as to why you believe Interwoven and Dicom wouldn't merge? Do you see Dicom eventually getting bought (IBM, FileNet, Vignette...)?

DIReditor said...

Kofax has too many other important partnership with Interwoven competitors - FileNet, Hyland, IBM, EMC/Documentum, Open Text, and many other smaller players - that it would put in jeopardy if it were acquired. Plus, Dicom has a whole distribution business that would not fit with Interwoven. I think Dicom wants to stay neutral in the ECM space and will look to grow through other capture related acquisitions.