Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DIR to Partner with Xamcor

You may have seen this press release that moved across the wire last week. From the article that appears in this week's premium DIR, "Xamcor [is] a leading M&A firm focused on the Information Management industry. DIR Editor Ralph Gammon will be providing content for the Xamcor Web site, including regular columns, executive interviews, and commentary on news releases.

"[I am] looking forward to helping Xamcor accomplish its mission of helping companies looking to be acquired receive maximum value for their entities, and, for those acquiring, finding good fits for their strategic plans. Xamcor was founded in 2012 by experienced ECM industry professionals Paul Carman and Harvey Spencer, along with Ike Fattal, who has a strong background in finance, deal structuring, and M&A."

I think that is all going to be fun, but, also check this out, which Xamcor apparently got with the issuing of the press release - yes, that's the Xamcor logo posted on a sign at Times Square. Cool.

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