Friday, August 31, 2012

A Data Capture Systems Book Review

Yes, Dr. K. Bradley Paxton of ADI (for Advanced Document Imaging) has written a fairly comprehensive book on implementing and maintaining forms processing systems. Paxton spent 32 years at Kodak and is probably best known in our industry for his work encouraging the U.S. Census Bureau to adopt digital imaging technology. He has plenty of experience in our market and it is certainly leveraged in this comprehensive book.

 Here's my complete review of his book on the Amazon page. The title is Handprint Data Capture in Forms Processing: A Systems Approach, but it's really about automating any type of document capture, from OMR to OCR to handprint. Paxton offers plenty of sound advice on how to really make your system hum - and then how to make adjustments to help it keep humming going forward.

As I say in the review, some of the statistical formulas went right over my head, but there is plenty of valuable stuff in there. It's probably the most comprehensive, neutral (meaning non-vendor) piece I've ever read on implementing automated data capture for documents. Can't see how this could not provide an ROI for anyone doing any volume of capture.


Ruby Badcoe said...

A lot of industries nowadays have recognized the importance of creating digital copies of their important documents for backup purposes. However, there is also a lot more to learn about how to better optimize their document capturing systems for their business. This book sounds like a pretty reliable piece of reference for businessmen who want to learn how data capture and other imaging processes can help their industry both in terms of quantity and quality.

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