Wednesday, April 11, 2012

LEAD Technologies Announces Mobile SDK

Long time document imaging SDK vendor LEAD Technologies has announced LEADTOOLS Anywhere, an SDK designed to to help customers deploy their imaging applications on mobile computing devices like smartphones and tablets. LEADTOOLS Anywhere incorporates HTML5, JSON Web Services and native libraries for the Android and iOS platforms.

The initial release " will include a new zero footprint HTML5 viewer and extendable JavaScript library for viewing images on any browser, operating system, platform and device that supports HTML5. This viewer will include many interactive features with multi-touch and gesture support including pan, zoom, magnifying glass, annotations, window leveling for DICOM, PACS communication and more."

LEADTOOLS Anywhere comes in the wake of LEAD's recent release of LEADTOOLS 17.5, which features significant improvements in areas like PDF, OCR, and SharePoint integration.We recently took a deeper dive into those improvements in a story in our premium edition of DIR.


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portable scanner said...
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Anonymous said...

While searching the internet for a code sample that allows me to display dicom image stored on server using tablet device, I found some free libraries. But most of them were working on specific operating systems such as IOS only or android only, also they were hard to implement into my application or full of bugs.
However, leadtools HTML5 module makes it easy and since the browser supports HTML5 and the device is connected to the internet, it doesn't matter what operating system you are using.

DIReditor said...

Thanks for the helpful insight.