Monday, November 21, 2011

Ephesoft Announces Large Deal

A couple months ago when we profiled the Ephesoft in our premium newsletter, CEO Don Field had told us that the open source intelligent data capture (IDC) start-up had recently bid-on and won a large deal in which it competed against several leading established capture companies. Not sure if this is the result of that, but, it nonetheless sounds like an impressive deal, involving 450 million pages of mortgage files for a BPO.

Apparently, this BPO is putting a big ephasis on Linux and open source which gave Ephesoft the advantage. From the press release, "The current Ephesoft system uses Linux-based web servers and Windows-based Application Servers," said Ike Kavas, founder and CTO of Ephesoft. "However, they are planning to have a 100% Linux platform to support their business. Since Ephesoft is the only platform today that can deploy an IDC system running on Linux and work with other open source systems such as Ubuntu and RedHat, partnering with Ephesoft was the logical choice. "

Also from the press release, "The solution will process over 450 million pages of mortgage files by automatically classifying and separating a wide variety of document types and then extracting key metadata for further processing. Searchable PDFs will be created in a tabbed format and deposited into their IBM Content Manager ECM."


Anonymous said...

I wonder how much the deal was worth? Strange that they wouldn't mention that, huh? After all - they didn't name the BPO.

Anonymous said...

Not really strange. Most press releases don't mention the end user due to the difficulty in getting end user approval for the release. As far as amounts of the deal, these are in press releases mainly from public companies to impress shareholders. It's not like any one mentions gross profits, discounts from list, etc. on deals they close either.