Thursday, September 02, 2010

Hyland Acquires Hershey

Hyland has acquired Los Angeles area-based ISV Hershey Systems. Hershey has a Web-based ECM platform that has recently been targeted primarily at the higher education market, where it boasts some 200 installations. Hyland already has a fairly strong higher education practice, which was boosted by a 2006 acquisition of one of its reseller partners Matrix Imaging.

The education market seems to be a growing vertical, as we recently completed a briefing with MFP capture ISV Notable Solutions, Inc., who also told us that education was one of its major focuses.


Neal Fischer said...

Correction Needed:
Hershey Systems was acquired not Hershey Technologies.

DIReditor said...

Sorry about that... that makes more sense to me now. I didn't think Hershey Technologies focused on the educaiton market.

But really, how can there be two Hershey ECM-focused companies headquartered in Southern California? I thought it was cofusing enough with all the companies named some version of "Document Business Solutions and Systems" out there. Now I have to keep my Hershey's straight as well, it seems.

Thanks for the heads up and I apologize for the mistake.