Thursday, July 08, 2010

KnowledgeLake Honored by Microsoft

For the second straight year, St. Louis-based document imaging ISV has been honored by Microsoft in its Information Worker Solutions, Enterprise Content Management Partner of the Year category. For 2010, KnowledgeLake was named a finalist, after winninng the award last year. This year's winner was a company called Content and Code, out of the U.K., which seems to specialize in EDM and intranet solutions. KnoweldgeLake was one of three finalists.

KnoweldgeLake Partner and ECM/imaging roll-up, Global 360 was named the Visio Partner of the Year.


Document Scanning said...

Nice one. we always appreciated these guys! We carry out a lot of bulk document scanning in the UK.
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Anonymous said...

Knowledgelake just removed their partner channel program, and now sell direct only. Resellers that continue the relationship get a tiny referral fee.

DIReditor said...

Here's the response I received from Bob Bueltmann, VP of biz dev and one KLake's co-founders:

"This comment is false. KnowledgeLake continues to offer a reseller program for qualified partners that have success in ECM and qualified SharePoint resources. To date there have not been many that have both skills. Therefore KL focuses on the MS eco system of SI partners who are quickly skilling up on Sharepoint ECM and will likely be the primary ECM channel in local geographies in the future."

Anonymous said...

Last comment is not true.

Global 360 is the only partner for Knowledgelake. Most of knowledgelake staff left because they went with a direct model and dumped their parter program, instead paying them 5% referrals - what a joke.

Bob is just saying that to avoid bad PR.

DIReditor said...

I don't have any insights into people quitting or not quitting at KLake, but if these people were in charge of building the reseller channel, well, I'll agree I haven't been informed of too many channel-driven sales of KLake's software. (KLake has always been primarily direct.) That said, I understood KLake had a fairly healthy relationship with IKON and the DocPoint relationship also still seems to be in place:

I don't think KLake is unique in struggling to transition from a direct to a channel model, and then changing its channel strategy when its first efforts didn't work out as planned.

Chris Riley said...

The document imaging channel is an interesting beast. Especially when it comes to professional services. KLake's concern, as with all the other advanced capture vendors out there, is around the quality of integrations and the support derived from there. I believe their new program is an attempt to continue to benefit the channel and mitigate these risks.

Andy Powell said...

Well done, a nice award indeed.

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