Monday, February 09, 2009

Kofax first-half 2009 results

Seems like a mixed bag. I'll have to read them over in more detail later (as I'm getting ready to head out to a Kodak conference in San Antonio), but it appears that much of the 9% growth was driven by favorable currency exchange - meaning the pound (which Kofax reports in, lost some of its value against the currencies (Euro and U.S. Dollar), which it typically does business in. That said, it's a pretty detailed report, so they don't appear to be trying to fool anyone. Basically, it sounds like the U.S. (after a slow start) and EMEA businesses (with the exception of the U.K.) are on track and Asia-Pac continues to disappoint. There were also some problems in the VRS sector. The hardware business continues to be profitable if not growing... Not sure how much is now going direct vs. what is going through the channel.

Anyhow, hopefully I will have more on this later, when I have some conversations and time to read it over more closely. Check out the above link yourself though it you get a chance.

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