Monday, August 27, 2007

First post of fall

Got the kids off to school today. Much quieter around here. Hopefully will leave me more time (and energy) to blog. Preparing to travel to the annual HSA Capture Conference next week. There I will be presenting on the top seven news trends of 2007, which got me thinking about two themes in particular:
1. The changing Interface of distribtued capture
2. The adoption of invoice processing - as outlined in my last issue, there are like some 500 North American installations of invoice capture, I'm guessing like a 1,000% increase over three years ago.

Distributed capture and invoice processing are two trends that we talked about a lot of years that have both now become an increasing reality. So, I guess there is some value to this speculation that we run in DIR.


Bill Brikiatis, eCopy said...

I enjoyed your article when I first saw it was posted on AIIM E-Doc Magazine. I can back up your statements about an increase in usage of MFPs for document capture. I see this for both our embedded software and our external "ScanStation" implementations.

Additionally, eCopy is seeing our embedded software primarily being used for scan to email, fax and folders, while our external implementation often is used for scan to ECM, DM and collaborative systems.

The reason is simple. Users want a physical keyboard when entering meta data and can't get this without an external device.

But change is on the horizon. At its last Digital Solutions Forum, Canon showed a MFP with a physical keyboard. We clearly see significant user demand for this.

So what does this mean for resellers? I believe it will mean more MFPs used for scanning to back office applications. As you mentioned in your article, more use of MFPs for capture will open up opportunities for VARs.

The channel should keep an eye on MFPs, as they can have a significant impact on revenue.

An article that eCopy wrote for AIIM E-Doc Magazine provides a good review on MFPs for Capture. It can be read at

I look forward to seeing you at the HSA Conference next week.

DIReditor said...


Thanks for your insights.

Mendel "document scanning" Potok said...

Yes! Right on Bill, user NEED the keyboard interface, that shouldn't even be debateable.