Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Adobe -Kinko's

Feels good to be able to post again. I started having some major computer problems a couple weeks ago, regarding the power port to my laptop, which I use for almost everything I do. Turns out to be a common problem with Dell laptops that the power port comes loose from the mother board, or something along those lines, and Chuck over at Complete Computers here in Erie, soldered it back together for me, actually, according to him at least, improving on the original design of the machine. Hopefully this works, as I have been a bit crippled over the past week especially... that all said, I have been inspired to carry on by the talk given this week at ReadSoft's annual conference in New Orleans. That keynote is the GM of Superdome and oversaw its resurrection. We're talking a $200 million project, so I guess the $125 I spent to fix my laptop wasn't so bad afterall.

Anyhow, this deal between Kinko's and Adobe is probably one that should have been worked out long ago.


Mark patenaude said...

In regards to Fedex Kinko's, I don't think you could be more wrong. It is the tens of thousands of printers that made Adobe what it is today. The link with Fedex Kinkos, ends up hurting all the other printers that have their own customer base. Now being encroached upon by the very product they are supposed to be recomending to their clients. This will hgurt thousands of printers and not a wise move on their part.

Mark Patenaude

DIReditor said...


That's an interesting perspective. Thanks for the feedback

Anonymous said...

The whole idea with Adobe doing what they did with Kinkos is BS.

The vast majority of Adobe's cutomers are independent printers.

My company spent tens of thousands of dollars on Adobe software. And Adobe is handing our business to Kinkos.

I am outraged.

My company deals with about 8,000 clients. Most of them use Adobe software as well.

What would Adobe say if I were to post detailed instructions on how to find pirated Adobe software online on our website???

If all of our clients do it, Adobe stands to lose a minimum of 5 million dollars.

I honestly dont see the difference, and dont think Adobe can legally do anything about it.

There is nothing illegal about educating the general public.

Anonymous said...

I say, print companies should simply post instructions on how to aquire Adobe software at no charge via piracy on their websites.

It would be illegal to actually post the software, but Adobe cant do anything if you post information. Information is free.

If Adobe wants to jeopardize our success. We should do the same to them.

We can remain legitimate Adobe customers, and knock them in the dirt at the same time.

Those of you looking for alternatives to Adobe software...

There really isnt much. But you can choose to download the pirated software rather than buy it.

All you need is a program called bit torrent, from there you can just search on google for "Photoshop torrent"

Download the torrent file, and open it with Bit Torrent, or another Bit Torrent client.

In most cases the torrent files come complete with serials, and activation cracks.

Large print companies should avoid using pirated software, but the little guys arent worth the money Adobe would need to pay their lawers.

And the only way to get caught using pirated software is if someone reports you. So just dont tell anyone you dont trust.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like thats the way to go.

The torrents are great.

Its kinda confusing, but if you search for info, and read forrums, its totally worth it.

Why give thousands of dollars to a company thats just gonna sell you out, and provide exclusive business to your competitors?

Screw Adobe.

Fedex Kinkos wanted to corner the printing market, so they bribed Adobe, and Adobe took the Money.

It took me like 2 hours to figure out how all that torrent stuff works, but now I never need to give Adobe another cent.

High five to the other guy for the sweet information.

Anonymous said...

Are the rumors true? They say Adobe has a new product called "Arrogance" that has been under development for years by a crack management team composed of the blind, deaf, and dumb. If FedEx wants to deliver THEIR version of Adobe Acrobat and Reader to THEIR customer's, fine. But what Adobe has done is to force everyone get the "Kinko's Version" whether they want it or not, whether they are a Kinkos customer or not. Adobe should drop the "we did it to help human kind" B.S. Adobe did it for the same reason any prostitute would - for the money. The result is a huge groundswell in the printing community to start using and recommending non-Adobe products. Not that management will care. They apparently unloaded a huge amount of stock just before the sh*t hit the fan.

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