Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Alfresco FileMark

Here's a story about a neat integration between FileMark and Alfresco. FileMark is a high-end archiving, imaging, COLD, and workflow vendor currently being run by former Tower Technology marketing wizard Bill Zastrow. Zastrow left Tower when it was acquied by Vignette a couple years go. Incidentally, Vignette seems to be doing well in the wake of the acquistion. Alfresco, of course, is the Open Source document/content management developer founded by former Documentum personnel. Kevin Cochrane, a former VP of Interwoven has also been brought on board. Alfresco seems to have pretty solid software, but of course, doesn't have an imaging component. So, I guess what FileMark is doing with them is probably similar to what everybody else is doing with SharePoint. Just thought it was worth mentioning.


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K said...

Alfresco's repository technology is superior to virtually every other document/content management system. It should not be compared to SharePoint at this stage but maybe later on when (if) WinFS will be incorporated to Sharepoint as a data store. Business wise (give it for free policy) the Microsoft approach is superior but again it lags in technology and they keep rewriting the product.