Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why I love AIIM

Yesterday, I've having a conversation about my blog. I mention one that one of my favorite posts occurred while waiting for an hour on the Philadelphia runway when I handed out my impromptu DIR "Best of AIIM Awards." The marketing people I'm sitting with get a laugh when I explain that being trapped on an airplane is a great muse. The software engineer with us mere says, "nice battery."

Anyhow, the big talk out here early seems to revolve around Microsoft SharePoint and its future effect on the ECM market. There is more than one person who thinks it spells doom for people like Open Text and other EDM specialists. Ironically, however, this is also the week of Microsoft's own SharePoint convention, so a lot of their heavy hitters aren't even here. If I'm Open Text, I'm not too worried yet. (I love the way the spell checker in the thing - which is owned by Google I understand - doesn't recognize "SharePoint.)



Anonymous said...

AIIM does not seem to be to hip on the west coast, why do you think that is the case?

DIReditor said...

Questex, which now owns the show, is based in Boston. This is the best reason I can give. However, there has been a move within AIIM to start a smaller West Coast show, at least on an experimentaly basis. It's being called ECM West, and this year's even is Nov. 6-8 in San Jose.

Here's the link: http://www.ecmwest.com/ecmwest/v42/index.cvn