Wednesday, March 02, 2005

AIIM E-mail study

Did you see the new survey that came out today from AIIM. They surveyed like 1,000 businesses aboout their e-mail, IM, and Blackberry and other types of messaging habits. No secret that these types of communications are growing. What remains a secret is how to properly manage them. One of the interesting stats I saw was that 86% of these organizations tell users how they should use e-mail, only 39% say how they should be retained in a records management environment. Is there a good e-mail records management system out there for general business - I haven't seen it yet. This is where I think all our IDR/Forms processing technology is going to end up going.

There is a growing amount of potentially hazardous e-mail floating around out there and nobody has a good track on it. E-mail use is going to decline and we've got to find a better way to deal with it.

When I give my seminars here locally to mostly small-to-mid-sized buisnesses, in addition to being concerned about paper, the attendees are concerned about e-mail. These are the two great sources of unmanaged structeud information. That is the connection between imaging and e-mail management. And being able to manage both these streams is part of the attraction of the whole digital mailroom concept.




Anonymous said...

Is there a good e-mail records management system out there for general business - YES - EMC/Legato's eMailXtender.

All depends I guess on how you define "general business".

DIReditor said...

I have not had a briefing/demo of this product in a few years. I guess I need to revisit it. What is the starting price point?
I had assumed that most e-mail mangement installations were going into broker/dealer houses to meet SEC 17a-4 regulations.