Monday, July 26, 2004

eCopy Rumors

In the latest issue of The MFP Report Editor Brian Bissett mentions that digital copier scanning application specialist eCopy might be courting new hardware vendors. eCopy, the former Simplify, has worked almost exclusively with Canon to date, and in 2002 even secured $15.8 million investment by Canon. However, Canon has continued ahead with its own scanning initiatives which seems to give eCopy the go ahead to pursue other relationships. Bissett speculated Ricoh would be a natural fit, although Ricoh already markets its own Global Scan pacakage that advertises similar functionality to eCopy. How well it actually works, however, we can't say. We can say that eCopy has had documented success over the past several years - to a much higher degree than any other vendor can boast of - so they have definitely proven their pudding - or whatever the term is.

Anyways, look for some news from eCopy in the upcoming months..




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