Monday, February 28, 2005

Randall Leaves Advanstar

Does anyone else feel slightly burned about Brian Randall leaving Advanstar. Brian was always one of those guys people warned me not to fully trust. But I must admit, we always got along well, he returned all my messages and generally gave DIR some good interviews. While at this weekend's Kodak Breakaway Partner Conference I heard he had walked away from Advanstar less than three months before the AIIM/On Demand Show. What really burned me was the fact that I just ran a story talking about how excited he was about the show. I understand he got a great opportunity. Moving to Portland, ME to run an ethnic food tradeshow business does sound kind of nice... But there does seem to be some level or responsibility that Brian is shirking here.
To Advanstar's credit, Kerry Gumas, Brian's boss has nothing but nice things to say about Brian. He pretty much credits him for setting up a good base for this year's show - which through Brian's maneuverings - is being held in Philly for the first time in my memory. And according to our last conversation with Brian, the show has the potential to be really big. Let's just hope that all is has been told and Brian isn't deserting a sinking ship. I'm still looking forward to AIIM/On Demand and I really hope Advanstar can still deliver the end user numbers Brian was boasting about.
Well, good luck to Brian and good luck to everyone who is banking on AIIM/On Demand -hopefully this turns out to be the proverbial win/win for both sides.



Friday, February 04, 2005

More on FBI Case file system

So, this sounds like loads of fun. It seems the FBI is still struggling to implement a case management system and is biting the bullet on the work they've done so far with SAIC - hoping actually to recover some money from them. It seems they are now looking into COTS technology which could be a boon for some ECM players... Let's see, the FBI, which in charge of investigating criminal activity just got used by SAIC - presumably because they didn't investigate the ECM market thoroughly enough... I feel safe, how 'bout you?